Thank you for your reservation inquiry!

We have most likely received your information already and will be calling you (or emailing) back in just a few minutes!

Here is more detailed information about our unique Shirakaba hospitality, as well as how to confirm a stay here.

Room Reservation:

  • If we do have the availability, PLEASE let us know whether you will be staying with us or not as soon as you know, then I can offer it to other inquiries if you will not be joining us.
  • Rates 
    • $575 per night, all year, for 1-2 guests.
  • Minimum Stay
    • Two night minimum on Fridays and Saturdays.
    • All Holidays have a 3 night minimum.
  • Deposit
    • We cannot guarantee a reservation until a deposit for 1 night stay has been received.
    • You can send your deposit of 1 night of your stay several ways:
      • Chase: quickpay at [email protected]
      • Bank of America: move money to my cell at 413-822-9399
      • DCU People Pay: works as well if your bank uses that.
      • Pop Money and Zelle: email address is [email protected]
  • Purchases During Your Stay
    • We can not accept credit cards for balance of room charges nor for any gift shop purchases.
  • Check-In / Check-Out
    • Check – In is at 3 PM
      • I am sorry, but we really are not able to receive any guests early
    • Check – Out is at 11 AM

Your Suite:

Relax in Japanese Yukatas

  • In case you didn’t see, here is the layout of Shirakaba and your suite.
  • We have all sizes of slippers for our guests to wear during their stay with us but you are certainly welcome to bring your own if you prefer.
  • One of our guests’ favorite things is that we give them use of Japanese yukata, cotton robes, for our guests to wear during your stay here at Shirakaba. We’ll ask you for your sizes prior to your visit so we can ensure the best fit. So many people have asked us for them, so now they are available to purchase for $100.
  • We provide hair dryers.
  • We also use Eco-Friendly products for laundry, cleaning and toiletries in your suite. and everyone gets a Japanese washcloth as a gift for your use here at Shirakaba… and to take home if you like it!
  • We also have back up western washcloths as well if you do not like them 🙂
  • Each suite has a mini-fridge and coffee/tea center. We will stock the mini-fridge with non-alcoholic beverages of your choice.
  • We do not have a liquor license, but you are certainly welcome to bring your own for your enjoyment!

On-Site Amenities

  • Don’t forget your swimming suits!
    • We will happily preheat the 3-person Saunatec Far Infared Sauna so it will be ready for you. It takes almost an hour to heat up to full temperature, so please give us at least 1 hour notice before you want to use it.
    • The Bullfrog spa and swimming pool are always heated and ready for you to enjoy! In the winter months the spa rolls into the swimming pool room under the 3,000 stars I have hot glued to the pool room ceiling.


  • Berkshires Shirakaba japanese breakfastWe try our best to have your favorite baked goodies warm for your arrival.
  • We also try to cater to all dietary restrictions! Yes, it’s a tall order, but you name it, we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you!

– Breakfast

  • Breakfast is complimentary. You have your choice of Sadao’s Japanese breakfast, as well as a made-to-order Western breakfast.
  • We will give you a menu each evening for your following morning’s meal choices.

– Dinner

Japanese Dinner Event

  • One time per visit you are welcome to enjoy a 6-course authentic Japanese dinner prepared and presented by Sadao. It’s a very enjoyable experience if you choose, but plan about 2-3 hours for the meal, or a little longer if you choose to add on the Sushi-rolling class.
  • The dinners are not included in the room rate (but the experience is worth it!)and are:
    • $130 per person for all the entrees except sushi,
    • $150 per person for all the entrees plus the sushi entree – including a “How to Roll Sushi” class with Sadao
      • This dinner also includes:
        • edamame
        • cucumber salad
        • Sadao’s famous miso soup
        • Sadao’s chawanmushi soup
      • Sushi Rolling class includes
        • nori
        • rice
        • cucumber
        • Sadao’s prepared shiitake mushrooms
        • unagi (broiled eel)
        • tamagoyaki (seasoned egg roll)
        • avocados
        • pickled daikon
        • crab sticks
        • shrimp tempura
      • (Our Insurance does not allow us to offer raw fish)
  • If you would like to schedule a dinner event, please schedule as soon as you can.

Local Take-Out

  • We also offer to go pick up take-out from various restaurants nearby. All we ask is a small $10 fee for the service.
  • Many guests have us pick up their dinner for arrival night, or after a day of sightseeing, hiking or skiing in winter. Just let us know. We’re happy to help!
  • Here is a list below of close by restaurants with links to their website (if they have one) that we recommend both for take-out, and dining in!

North in Williamstown

South in Lanesborough

South in Pittsfield

  • Koto -Japanese – have hibachi tables

There are several places around us that offer excellent dining and pleasant atmospheres. Destination Williamstown also has a nice long list of restaurants you can visit in the area.


We LOVE to help our guests celebrate! If you are thinking of anything special, please mention it and let’s see what we can put together!

  • We can get your favorite colors for crepe paper. We do have basic colors to choose from. blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, green, and white
  • If it is a birthday (what year…or no year!) on decorations if you prefer, or anniversary year. You name it! We’re creative here!

Our goal is to make your stay at Shirakaba Guest House, Pampered, Personalized and PERFECT!

You’ll be hearing from us soon! Thank you for your inquiry!