When we’re not running our Berkshires Bed and Breakfast, we try to do some traveling from time to time…and during those travels we’re able to see all kinds of new technology taking shape.

And I have to say…what interesting things can come in vending machines in Japan!

something to drink while you wait?Sadao has taken me with him to Japan many times now and I was fascinated by the sheer quantity! I took this picture of these as we waiting for our ferry crossing.

They are on streets, train stations, even on some trains, and all over the cities. Some vending machines are outside convenience stores and some can be just on a street not near any business. You can even pass a vending machine in a quiet residential area.

They sell cold drinks, teas (of course), some machines sell hot teas in an aluminum can (not boiling, but quite hot). A different vending machine will sell cold drinks, teas & sodas.

The aluminum cans are a bit smaller than cans here in the US… and are made from thinner aluminum. There are also recycle containers in a lot of places as well.

I saw machines that sold just green tea, bugs and worms for fishing bait, batteries, floral arrangements, draft beer, liquor, umbrellas, Japanese snack food, rice, and all kinds of noodles!

Here is a post from someone who found even more unusual items in Japanese vending machines!


And I think this 13 minute video does a great job showcasing the huge variety of things you can find in vending machines just about anywhere in Japan!

So, comment below and tell us about some of the interesting things you have discovered during your travels… whether it be interesting technology… uncanny timeliness of trains, as in the case of Switzerland… or just some of your favorite spots around the world. We’d love to hear from you!