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There is something about spending a quiet moment together, under the stars, or watching the sun come up, that makes time stand still. Have a quiet meal together brings not only your body nourishment, but your heart as well.

Your-Shirakaba-hostsShirakaba caters to most any dietary restrictions. Just let us know your wishes before your arrival so we can prepare.

We have anticipated your every mood, and provided many settings for you to embrace both the food and the moment, as you dine in perfect harmony at Shirakaba in the Berkshires.

Guests can enjoy several indoor and outdoor settings, depending on the number of guests and the goal of the meal.

Complimentary room service is an option when up to two guests occupy either suite. They then have a Japanese style low table for dining in their tatami room. The Take No Ma – Bamboo Suite also has a western table for two option for room service.

The second floor of Shirakaba has a western dining table and the Japanese tatami Ume No Ma room. Warmer months bring more options of dining at the 6 person table or the romantic table for two overlooking the windmills and the soothing sound of the pond waterfall. our screened in porch dining, aptly named by guests “The Treehouse” is very popular for breakfast and optional dinner 1st courses during the summer.

Just let us know what your soul needs before your next meal, and we will nourish it completely.


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