Your Hosts - Louise and Sadao

Welcome to Shirakaba!

Your hosts, Louise Palmer and Sadao Yagi, are eager to meet you! They've lived in the beautiful Berkshires for many years, so they know where the "good stuff" is.

Louise is from Ohio. Fun-loving and giving, she thrives on meeting new people and turning them into friends. She's great at baking and sewing, and woodworking. She is more than welcoming when you visit their guest house, which was voted "Best of the Berkshires" in 2010, 2011 and 2012 for Best Inn and Most Romantic Getaway.

Sadao is from Osaka, Japan, and he too enjoys cooking and woodworking. Still water runs deep, they say, and that's Sadao, a mechanical engineer with his next invention taking shape in his mind. And wait till you taste his sushi!

Originality,pampering, peace and quiet, wondrous scenery...these are the ingredients Louise and Sadao put together to create a guest house here in the beautiful Berkshires.

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