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Our Eco-Friendly, Green Property is Winner of TripAdvisors’ Greenleaders Platinum Award


Berkshires Shirakaba is very proud to be a certified Energy Star built property. We are committed to reducing the property’s environmental impact on the Berkshires. Shirakaba was built in 1999-2000. The timber frame was designed and built by Jack Sobon, the nationally recognized expert on traditional timber-framing with lumber harvested from his property in Windsor, right here in the Berkshires. The architect was our dear friend Yoshihiko Sato of Great Barrington. Our Energy Star builder was David DeGiorgis of Pittsfield. Our Site Excavator was David DiNicola of Middlefield.

As part of our commitment, we invested in the following technologies:

  • Triple Pane Thermotech Windows
  • Solar Panels
  • Geothermal Water Furnace
  • Radiant Floor heating, the most efficient floor heating system
  • Icynene Insulation -They uses all the shavings , they bag them like tubes and ski resorts use them to buffer skiers from hitting trees in the woods!
  • Radient Floor Heating a radiant floor system has more than just aesthetics going for it. It’s also a highly efficient way to heat a house, increasing comfort as it reduces energy costs.
  • Energy Star Fixtures and Appliances
  • LED bulbs, Light sensors and timers
  • Recycling everything
earth-friendly property

Building Our Platinum Award-Winning Eco-Friendly, Green Resort:

  • In addition, we use cloth napkins, and give guests Shirakaba water bottles to reduce waste. In particular, the these water bottles are one of the things to do here to help the environment. They are made from recycled plastic, and Sadao will write your name in katakana on the bottles, which you can take home after your stay or celebration with us. While you are here, you can fill them with our excellent well water.
  • We also use Comphy brand mircofiber spa linens to save energy while washing and drying and need no ironing!
  • Loved by Shirakaba guests who have visited there, Ramblewild, Return to Nature and Adventure, is only 5 minutes from Shirakaba. Ramblewild is Eco-Friendly, with a sustainable mission, minimal impact in design and environmental preservation at the core. Guests who visit can taste their patented Verticle water here at Shirakaba. Verticle water is 100% pure maple water with nothing added.
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