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Shirakaba is a Unique Boutique Resort.

With only two suites, your hosts can cater your visit  to all your personal choices.

To make your stay perfect, Louise will ask you for a considerable list of details before you arrive:

  • If anyone in your party has any allergies, food restrictions, or food dislikes,
  • Your height for the Japanese yukata you may wear,
  • Your shoe size for slippers we provide for your use,
  • Your favorite baked goodie created for you during your stay,
  • The option to create your own flavor of ice cream or sorbet,
  • Choice of non-alcoholic beverage you would like chilled in your mini fridge when you arrive,
  • Any special requests to eat for your daily American or Japanese breakfast, which, during warmer months you can have on the deck overlooking our private 21+ acres property,
  • …even whether you want your orange juice with pulp or without!

Here Are Just A Few Of Our Guests’ Favorite Shirakaba Amenities….


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We offer many amenities, and are happy to have you stay with us!

  • 21+ private wooded acres in the heart of The Berkshires
  • Relax in one or both of our 2 private, romantic suites
  • Indoor lap pool and indoor/outdoor hot tub
  • Full Japanese or American style breakfast
  • So much more!...

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